We provide the following services:

  • Emergency on-site repairs
  • Engine overhauls and re-builds
  • Generator load-banking (on and off-site)
  • John Deere Warranty work
  • John Deere parts supply (and fitting if necessary)
  • Servicing and planned maintenance

Emergency on-site repairs

We are fully mobile, and cover a the whole of the UK and Ireland. We can (and do) also travel to other parts of the world to support our customers and OEMs. Please contact us for further information.

Engine Overhauls and Re-Builds

We have a well-equipped workshop in the Midlands, and can overhaul or re-build engines to ‘as new’ specifications. We also have the option of using re-man John Deere parts if needed. Please contact us if you have an engine you would like us to take a look at- we have the capacity to take large engines.

Generator Load-Banking

We have invested in a 600Kva load bank, and cabling, allowing us to load-bank a variety of Generators on and off site. Please contact us for load-banking enquiries. Generators sent to us for repairs can be load-banked before return.

John Deere Warranty Work and Parts Supply

We are a fully authorised John Deere Expanded Service Dealer, the only one in the UK. We can carry out all John Deere warranty work and supply a full range of John Deere Industrial parts. If there’s something you need, we can probably get it. We can also provide machine ‘First Aid’ kits, which contain vital parts and sensors to keep a machine running, either as a full fix, or until help arrives.

Servicing and Planned Maintenance

For planned maintenance, please contact us.

A well planned servicing routine is important to keeping today’s engines in working order.  The better the servicing the longer the working life of the engine. We recommend that Genuine Parts and Lubricants are used as they are designed to protect the engine and get the maximum performance from the engine.  The recommended service interval should be followed and should never be extended beyond John Deere specifications. This may invalidate the John Deere warranty, meaning the customer or OEM is liable for the cost of fixing any damage.

If you have any questions on maintenance, servicing, filters, oils or coolants, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out.  If you operate a fleet contact us about box or bulk quanities of filters.