John Deere Parts

We can normally order all John Deere engine parts for next day delivery*.

We have access to the all the distribution centres world-wide to check stock and availability.  We can even arrange for the parts to be sent directly to site on an AM delivery to minimise down time.  From a bolt to a complete block assembly, we can meet your needs.

We can also supply the full range John Deere Reman Parts. These are parts that have been fully re-manufactured by John Deere to John Deere’s original specifications.  They come with a 1 year / 2000 hour warranty when fitted by a John Deere trained engineer.  Single components to complete engines are available.

By using the John Deere part number from the failed component or parts book supplied with the machine, we can source an exact replacement part.  If the part number is not available then we can work from the Engine Serial Number and a description or photo of the part.

If you are having a problem with a part let us know and we will see if there is a alternative part that will do the job better for your application. Contact us here.

For general part enquires please email us here

Oils, Lubricants and Filters

We can supply you with complete service kits for all John Deere engines, this can include the correct fuel filters, oil filters, oil and coolant.  These can be ordered as single kits or yearly supply. We only supply genuine John Deere Parts and Lubricants.

Not all oils and filters are the same; John Deere oils, coolant and filters are designed just for John Deere engines.  The technology that is used in the John Deere engine will require the oil and coolant to withstand extreme heat and load for long periods of time. Other brands of oils and coolants may not be able to withstand these conditions for the required period of time.  This will cause the oils to break down and could lead to additional wear and damage to the engine.  The wrong coolant can cause components to over heat and cause wear to the engine.

Over the years we have overhauled a large number of engines of all sizes in the field and in the workshop.  When stripping the engine it is soon clear if the engine has been looked after and serviced correctly.  If the correct servicing has been carried out then at high engine hours we can see very little wear.  If not, we can see high wear at low engine hours.  The extra cost of Genuine Parts and lubricants are always cheaper than the cost of an engine overhaul.

We have seen over the last few years an increase in fuel problems due to the wrong fuel filters having been fitted.  As servicing budgets are cut the temptation to use cheap filters increases.  This with the Low Sulphur Diesel increases the risks of a fuel problem.  Diesel is now containing more water and bacteria, this bacteria is present in all most all red diesel.  Once its got into the tank it is very difficult to get rid off.  The bacteria is so small that it can pass through most filters easily.  The job of the fuel filter is to filter this out and to allow only clean fuel to get into the pumps and injection system

John Deere fuel filters are sized and have the filtration to suit the engine they are fitted to.  Common Rail fuel systems are very sensitive and require higher filtration, not all filters will meet these requirements.  This can lead to a fuel system failure that may not be covered under warranty due to contamination.

 * Depending on time of day the order is placed, and on which day of the week the order is placed. Delivery times and dates will also depend on availability of stock, and where in the world it is being shipped from. Rest assured we will always do our best to get parts to our customers as soon as we can.  Please also note that there is often a charge for delivering a part directly to a customer, rather than to our workshop.