DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

Reducing Emissions

Diesel Particulate Matter is ultrafine particles generated through engine combustion. These particles decrease air quality, and are bad for you and bad for the environment. The EU is introducing emissions regulations that require engine manufacturers to reduce the amount of these particles that are emitted into the air. From 2019 these regulations come into effect, so the question is: Are you Stage V ready?

John Deere is committed to reducing emissions and has developed after-engine treatments, which not only compile with the upcoming Stage V regulations, but also improve engine efficiency which means that they save you money. One of these treatments is the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which reduces the ultrafine particles from exhaust fumes.



DPFs for all systems

At ML Power Systems, we have been designing and manufacturing specialist and bespoke DPF systems for a wide range of machinery for over 14 years. We started with the tunnelling equipment we support, and developing as the needs and requirements of our customers have changed. We have fitted our systems to machines in the USA, Norway, Germany, Russia and the UK. In the past, we have had equipment fitted on a wide range of construction machinery on Crossrail and similar projects.

We specialise in the larger construction machines like crawler cranes and piling rigs and have developed a heavy duty system that stands up to the shock loads that can be transmitted through this equipment. We back up all our products with a full on-site product support where ever you are working in the UK. Service and support packages are available. For a number of years, we have been cleaning filters for our own customer. Today, we are able to clean John Deere filters to as new condition and return the filter with a full test report to John Deere’s standards and  specification. We can clean almost any DPF filter fitted from a small machine or van through to generator and truck. Again, all DPFs will be returned with a test report on the filter. Contact us for more information on our filter cleaning services.

ML Power Systems offer DPF maintenance, cleaning and repair to ensure the most efficient emissions reduction and fuel efficiency. We can also undertake system overhauls to retrofit DPF into your system to ensure your engines meet the Stage V standards.

Moving forward

Marine DPFs are coming soon.

We also have a number of hybrids in the final stages of development. Please contact us for further information.